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  • AITC Provisional Registration - Chartered Professional Chef. APPLICATION


    To be inducted into the Institute as an accredited professional chef you need to demonstrate you are:

    1. Competently trained.

    2. Appropriately qualified and industry mobile.

     3. Industry experienced.

     4. Professional focused.

    To be confirmed as an accredited member of the Institute and identified on the AITC Directory of Chartered Professional Chefs.

    On provisional accreditation you need to upload:

    1. A copy of your highest cookery qualification.

     2. A resume that shows commercial cookery experience.

    3. Head and shoulder image in chefs or business attire

    4. Three Industry referees

    Successful applicants are not licensed to use the TChef logo until:

    1. Written confirmation is received from the registrar and AITC approvals committee.

     2. Joining fee is paid.

     3. Appear on AITC Directory

    If an applicant is unable to provide the evidence to reflect their provisional accreditation, they will be removed from the provisional registry.

     Steps to obtain provisional registration:

    • Create a new account or login.
    • Please only use your given and family name (This is required for the online AITC website directory and the downloaded provisional certificates).
    •  Open the link “AITC Provisional Registration - Chartered Professional Chef. ASSESSMENT below.
    • Answer all questions honestly and accurately.
    • Click finish attempt - To review and ensure all questions have been answered. 
    • After reviewing - AGAIN click "Submit all and finish."
    • Now you will see if you are provisionally registered and eligible to be accredited by AITC.
    • A link will appear below the asessment to your personalized downloadable certificate.
    • Download your certificate and print.
    • Upload the required documents to support answers. (Copy of Qualifications - CV - Photo).
        • Your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by the AITC registrar to confirm accreditation. 
        • Only when accreditation is approved, an invoice for joining fees will be sent to you.
    • AITC Provisional Chartered Professional Chef Registration. CERTIFICATE Custom certificate
      Restricted Not available unless: You achieve a required score in AITC Provisional Registration - Chartered Professional Chef. ASSESSMENT