is a web site capable of assessing the culinary knowledge of: Domestic cooks, Foodies, Professional cooks, Commercial Chefs, Professional Chefs and Experts Chefs who have achieved “Master Chef” status.

Users need to register on the system to be able to be assessed.

NOTE: Due to the type of questions, assessment format and timing, graphics  and complexity, these assessments may only work on a  desktop, laptop, notepad, tablet or  ipad with a screen large enough to read a whole question.

Thousands of culinary questions (many illustrated) in 51 subjects, most split in three levels of rigor assess local, national, and global culinary knowledge.

Questions are both contemporary and classical, and increase in complexity depending on the level attempted.

Participants must be extremely careful when registering to ensure their username is correctly added, and should be both Given and Family Name in proper case E.G. Thomas Smith, not tom, Thom Smith, or tom 234 etc. 

This is particularly important, as there are several levels of assessments capable of awarding a personalised certificate.

Shortened names or incorrect formatted usernames will be deleted.

Only registered users may attempt an assessment.

These online challenges provide a snapshot of an individual’s culinary knowledge in technical degrees between a domestic cook, up to a Master Chef.

Try the "Practice a Challenge" below to experience how these assessments work.

Tailor made competitions may also be designed for culinary competitions at degrees of difficulty from trainee to professional chefs.

  • Tailor made competitions provide a unique opportunity for a cost-effective memorable sponsored contest. 
  • A memorable contest that can inspire and keep trainees, cooks and chefs engaged in a contest that does not rely on luck. Contact for further details.