Topic outline


    For professionals who have the courage.  The “new age” virtual culinary challenge that will replace the traditional culinary competition.

    Trials - Have been completed and assessments edited- Currently approaching a sponsor.  As soon as this is finalised we will open. Hopefully this year, the crisis has had an impact on our original timelines.

    We have a small wait list to enter. Professional chefs may like to put their name down to be notified when Chef of Chef is launched. Contact George at 

    We have established a faculty board  * (Marcus Moore - Director of F&B Operations and Culinary Operations, NagaWorld Cambodia ) *( Robert Ford  Lecturer - Educational Advisor, Victoria University) * (Andrew Wisken - Executive Chef) * (Dale Lyman - Commercial Cookery Senior Lecturer) * (Jeffrey Gear  Catering Manager - Executive Chef.)

    Chef of Chefs is more than a competition, it is the ultimate acknowledgement of  leading chefs in Australia at a point in time. Not on reputation but on evidence. Its not only a competition, but also an objectively measured assessment that explores the totality of a chef’s ability, personality, people skills, and more.

    Chef of Chefs are professionals who should be the ones who have trainees/apprentices. Chef of Chefs are  chefs who often deliver talks, are on advisory groups, manage corporate, multinational  or large food-services, leaders of  remarkable kitchen brigades, are culinary teachers, or professional chefs who have relocated to other positions emanating from their successful career as a chef, and continue to be in a position where leadership  and influence is a highly desirable attribute.

    Chef of Chefs salutes culinary leaders professional chefs and trend setters.

    This challenge identifies the fundamentals of a chef  :  SAKE: Skills - Attitude -Knowledge -Experience.

    Sake": or Skills - Attitude - Knowledge - Experience is a philosophical viewpoint of the mandatory characteristics at a refined level required to be a  professional chef.

    The term was first coined by George Hill in 2012 and later fully described in his book “AM I CHEF” in 2014. The term embodies the four essential attributes and minimum standards that are mandatory to be a genuine professional.

    There are six stages in this challenge to identify the level of a candidates SAKE.



    • Step 1. Twelve simple questions validates the applicant eligibility to enter this challenge. This self assessment starts a process that identifies the confidence, courage, conviction, leadership  and understanding  to show an applicant is demonstrating professionalism and potential leadership. 


    • Step 2. SKILLS. Categorises the level of a chef’s skills through answers to questions based on "HOW" a technique, product, correction, preparation, or service is achieved. Many questions have multiple answers that are partially correct with each achieving a different degree of score.


    • Step 3. ATTITUDE. Compares the candidate’s opinion to leading questions. Questions that do not have a  right or wrong answer.. The candidates answer is scored relative to aggregate benchmarks sourced from current successful chefs. The nearer the answer to the benchmark, the higher the score.
    • Step 4.  KNOWLEDGE. Is projected with primary questions on” cookery skills, techniques, dish association, equipment, essential ingredients, fish, fruits, ,fungi, global preparations, meat, international sauces vegetables, kitchen administration and fashions.



    • Step 5. EXPERIENCE Is broadly estimated from  the background of the chef that would normally have developed, by evaluating the extent, exposure, contact, perception, mental and physical events during their career.


    • Step 6. Culminating in a panel interview with proven chef judges and a sponsor representatives, whose task is to factually verify, select and endorse the CHEF of Chefs. The panel They will already have established the attributes of the artisan; however will dig deeper to finally establish the candidates culinary, fitness, their humanity, and people skills.


    Excepting Step 1, Each step may see the elimination of an applicant, not necessarily because of incapability but for many other reasons. There are hundreds of chefs of chefs who could possibly qualify. However in any challenge only a relative number at the top scores may proceed.

    This selection process involves identifying those who go beyond their call of duty.

    Stage 6. SELECTION

    The final process involves an Interview with a panel of three of the best of the best culinary experts who are outstanding judges of character, culinary experts, and proven successful operators.

    The fourth member of the panel will include  practising chef who may be a member of a chef’s association. Chefs associations are requested to take turns to elect a representative.

    It potentially possible that there will not in the final step a clear front-runner, the judges may elect to award the accolade to multiple applicants who fit the selection criteria.


    A selection round will be an annual event "Chef of Chefs" of the year.

    The target is the top three aggregate scores to be interviewed through conferencing media.

    In the event of very close results, additional chefs may be admitted.

    All candidates will be interviewed on the same day.

  • Interview Process

    Candidates who achieve this level will need to send in the  ID and requested details.

    Online interviews will be arranged to establish  Chef of Chefs from finalists.