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  • Enhance your CV: It is Valid - Contemporary - Independent - Unbiased.

    This level requires the participant to demonstrate that they have advanced their culinary knowledge equal to a standard that would be expected from a person who has successfully completed a culinary training course, normally have 15 years plus full time experience in a typical commercial kitchen with traditional European cuisine, and may also be alternatively described as:

    - Chef de Cuisine - large brigade.

    - Commercial cookery teacher advanced qualifications.

    - Consultant.

    - Cookery education administrator.

    - Corporate chef – (responsible for multiple operations).

    - Executive Chef – (responsible for multiple kitchens).

    - Head Chef ( 8 + brigade)

    The highest achievement a professional chef can earn on the net is a Salonculinaire Master Chef .

    Many people use the term Master Chef without having an independent evaluation that justifiably allows them to use this professional classification. This level rightfully acknowledges chefs who can demonstrate a superior understanding of the commercial kitchen.


    The minimum score required in this test to be awarded a Salonculinaire Master Chef de Cuisine Certificate with the title: Chef (SMC) is 70%

    This level:

    - Compares candidates’ culinary knowledge with existing masters scores.

    - Comprises 130 randomly selected culinary questions to be completed in 40 minutes.

    - Salonculinaire Master Chefs will be compared with the current World Champion score

    - Candidates who achieve the benchmark are rewarded with a certificate.

    - The certificate is personalised in colour and printable.

    - Salonculinaire Master Chefs are identified on the net.

    - To enter the “ Master Chef Culinary Knowledge Examination” a unique password is required.

    - Score is recorded on the website.

    - One attempt is permitted each year.

    - Only continue when not disturbed for the time of the evaluation.

    Enter the Master Chef Examination below.

    • World Championships in Culinary Arts Knowledge.

      The score of all candidates who achieve Master Chef status will be automatically compared with the incumbent World Champion score.

      1. The World Championship is awarded to a Master Chef with the highest score.
      2. World Champions will also be acknowledged on
      3. Candidates who achieve this title must also email george for varification and for World Champion Certificate.
      4. A champion unless otherwise beaten retains their title for two calendar years, whereupon they must (within the following two calendar months of the two years limit) retake the challenge.
      5. In the event of a world champion holding the title for two years and not re-entering. The title is declared open and is awarded to the next Master Chef who enters whatever their score. The are declaired World Champion.


      2014/15- Current World Champion

      Garry Smith.- Chef(SMC)

      Teacher, Commercial Cookery - Tourism, Hospitality and Events - NORTH COAST TAFE NSW Australia. 

        Benchmarks - 85% - 90%

      "Salonculinaire Master Chef" (SMC) designation granted January 2007 - October 2012.

      Benchmarks - 75% - 90%

      Examination Review 2012. Tests revised to increase the number of questions, additional subjects and increase degree of difficulty for Master Chef. New assessments added and benchmarks established for Commis de Cuisine,  Chef de Partie and Chef de Cuisine.

      "Salonculinaire Master Chef" (SMC) designation granted October 2012 - to date.

      Benchmarks - 70% - 80%

      The industry experience and career of most of these chefs may be seen in searches on the internet: For example

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