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  • Provisional Registration - Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs.

    Professional Status

    The Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs has introduced a number of initiatives to assist professionals in the immediate future.


    Professional chefs may now apply to be provisionally registered and avoid the registration delay in the processing and approval of an applicant. 

    This allows applicants to provisionally register for 12 months, and during that time source the documentation required, and complete the full application process.

    Provisional registration applicants will eventually need to:

    1. To send copies of  training certificates.
    2. Send a full resume that shows the number of years commercial kitchen experience.
    3. Sign a declaration to keep to professional codes of conduct and follow personal continuous development.
    4. Provide three referees to support the application

    An initial payment of $15 is required for provisional registration. 

    If the applicant is finally approved, the $15 will be taken of the license fee

    HOWEVER - If the applicant is unable to provide the evidence and documents required, there is NO REFUND and the applicant will be removed from the provisional registry.

    Accurate answers to both registration details and application is required.

    If the applicant is unable to provide the evidence to each question when a full application is made there is NO REFUND. And the applicant will be removed from the provisional register.

    Steps to obtain provisional registration:

    1. Login or create a new account (When creating your new account PLEASE ENSURE YOU FULLY COMPLETE YOUR GIVEN AND FAMILY NAME
    2. Open the link “Provisional Registration AITC”
    3. Open “Apply for - Provisional Registration Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs”
    4. Answer the five questions accurately
    7. You now will see if you are eligible to be licensed by AITC as a “Professional Chef “ and a link to your downloadable certificate will appear
    8. Download your certificate and print
    9. On full application at a later date, add the unique reference number on your certificate to ensure speedy approval and full member status.