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  • AM I CHEF?

    Launched in late April 2014, Am I Chef? is a reference book that explains in detail the attributes, core values, physical and conceptual abilities, attitudes, technical ability, and quantifies the experience required to be a successful commercial cook or a chef.

    A vital resource for chefs, trainers students, human resource management departments, and culinary school libraries, and others who are associated with commercial cookery. Recommended or those who need to realise the measurable difference between a genuine commercial chef and pretenders.

    Chapters also describe contemporary industry titles and their definitions, explains the fors and against formal and non-formal training, the role of chef associations, competitions, branding, media issues, culinary etiquette, culinary customs, traditions, and culinary codes of practice.

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    Whatever you think you can do, 
    or dream you can do, Begin it!
    Boldness has power and magic in it.

    This book was not written as a commercial project, it was written to record a philosophy held by many current commercial chefs.  While the way the commercial kitchen has changed in the 21 century, the way the modern chef operates, the menu expression, the innovative preparation and presentation of conventional food and other aspects that all represent improvements on the past, there are alongside reservations in some aspects in the evolution of a chef . This book is ideal as a base for debate .This book was written to encourage readers to think about the future of the CHEF. Analyse its contents to form a clear and distinct understanding of its arguments. Then agree or disagree, but please don't shoot the messenger.

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