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  • This exciting program by bluestone. international recruitment, encourages participants to self assess their culinary knowledge against a professional Australian cook/chef working in the commercial cookery industry in Australia.

    The standard is set at professional cook / chef level. (Chef de partie) Participants who achieve a higher score than the benchmark demonstrate the potential to hold a position with greater responsibility, possibly as a sous chef or even a head chef.

    Who can enter?

    The bluestone. benchmark online culinary knowledge assessment program is only available to cooks and chef clients of bluestone. International Recruitment.

    What is the bluestone. Benchmark?

    1. The bluestone. benchmark assessment program snapshots the culinary knowledge of a participant as an indication of the culinary knowledge component that is one of the four attributes required to be a professional cook/ chef in the SAKE philospohy.

    The SAKE philospphy requires a professional chef to have four attributes to be successful. Skills - Attitude - Knowledge - Experience. (Read more).

    2. The assessment requires a candidate to answer 100 fundamental multiple choice culinary questions to be attempted in 35 minutes.

    The questions are selected from the following subjects:

    Basic Food Preparations - Butchery and Meat Cookery - Culinary Terminology - Eggs and Farinaceous - Equipment and Tools - First Aid - Fish and Shellfish - Fruit, Herbs and Spice - Hot and Cold Desserts and Sweets - Hygiene and HACCP - Kitchen Organisation - Larder – Buffet - Menu Planning - Methods of Cookery - Mise - en – place - Nutrition - Occupational Health and Safety - Pastry - Cakes – Yeast - Potato- Poultry and Game - Salads and Dressings - Sandwiches, Canapés - Finger Foods - Stocks Soups and Sauces - Vegetables and Fungi.


    Questions are set at basic and some at advanced  level  to allow an overview

    Subjects that are not included in assessment.

    Coaching - Environment and Sustainability - Food Costing - Food Presentation - Foodservice - Human Resource Management - Portion Control - Product Knowledge - Purchasing - Rostering - Standard Recipes - Stores Control - Time Management - Yield Testing  

     A recently (2012) qualified accredited cook/ chef in Australia would/ should average 75 % in this test

    The Challenge:

    Participant names will not be published with their result on this site, however may be used by bluestone. to promote the candidate .

    The candidates result will be identified on their certificate.

    A candidate will only be permitted to attempt a bluestone. benchmark once.

    Questions will be timed and randomized.

    There are built-in mechanisms that indicate online cheating.

    How to enter:

    Contact bluestone. international recruitment for details to become a bluestone. candidate

    Once approved:

    1. First REGISTER HERE AS A BLUESTONE CANDIDATE  (You may register at anytime and only need to do so once).

    2. You must register your details accurately adding (where required) that you are a bluestone. participant to attempt the correct assessment.

    3. When you are completely ready and will not be disturbed for 35 minutes, logon and select the " Bluestone. Benchmark Assessment" below.

    4. Carefully read the instructions and proceed to "Attempt quiz now".

    5. Add the bluestone. password to open the test.

    6. We strongly advise you to first practice a sample test (HERE ) numerous times to prepare for yourself for the competition.

    For online help: E-mail george or Telephone: 03 9735 0880

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