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    • Recommended system requirements

      Unless the candidate is very confident and skilled in directing the mouse on a laptop computer, we strongly recommend these tests are attempted using a desktop computer with ADSL and a hand held mouse / pointer. Small laptop computer pointers may take extra time to position and valuable time may be lost. This is not grounds for appeal.

      Recommended practice

      We highly recommend practice on the sample test prior to entering any competition or assessment program.

    • Q. Who benefits from this program?

      The candidate is the winner by establishing their current level of culinary knowledge .

      Q. Why should I attempt this program?

      Most employers seek chefs who have formal training with additional evidence of  knowledge to suit the level of responsibility.

      The statement of attainment is evidence of current culinary knowledge and demonstrates the candidate has kept pace with their ambitions

      Add  to your resume to demonstrate self – confidence, expertise, passion, intellect and professional interest.

      What are the definations of levels?  

      The level descriptions of Commis, Chef de Partie, Chef de Cuisine and Master Chef are conceptual industry equivalents. The assessment is based on what a person should normally be expected to achieve if they are or were at that level or role.

      For example, it is possible for a Chef de Partie to have developed an advanced understanding of the kitchen process and have an equal culinary knowledge to a practising Chef de Cuisine or Master Chef.

      Or contra, an operating Chef de Cuisine who has not kept pace may find that they need to develop their culinary knowledge to suit their role, particurarly should they need to be upward mobile.

      Q. When can I take the assessment?

      Once approved to enter the program the candidate can attempt the exams at any time on a suitable computer

      Q. How many attempts may I have?

      There is a limit to the number of attempts identified on each test

      Applicants are permitted to re-evaluate their knowledge every year.

      Q. How accurate is this program?

      For many environmental factors we cannot completely guarantee 100% accuracy, but can estimate the probable level of knowledge of a candidate at a given level.

      Q. Are the assessments accredited?

      These tests are not recognised as a qualification for a visa/immigration application, nor is this program formally accredited as a course of study.

      We are not an association, school, college or university. Our “accreditation” is "Peer Group Accreditation" or simply the participation of the hundreds of chefs globally who have attempted Salonculinaire tests and the many who have achieved the criteria.

      Successful chefs in the Professional Recognition Program by design endorse this program and agree to recognise other successful participants in the program; unless they formally object to being associated as an endorsee.

      In addition, title holders of “Chef de Cuisine” or “Master Chef may object to any standard, question or condition. They are entitled to propose technical questions or recommend alterations that will improve the accountability, standing or quality of the program that will benefit the participation of the global commercial cookery community.

      Q. What is "Peer Group Recognition"? Simply put; chefs who earn acknowledgement of their culinary knowledge  become aware of the high standard required in this program and share an interest in its success. They join and grow a unique network of chefs who acknowledge other achievers in this program.

      Q.Is this program associated with a chefs’ organisation?

      We do not wish, nor seek to be affiliated with any one chef’s association or teaching institute, which identifies our philosophy to provide the opportunity to all chefs irrespective of their affiliations as long as they believe and adhere to professional standards.

      Q. How popular is this program?

      As at January 2013, over 600 have registered with (Including over 100 registrations in 2012). Since inception thousands have visited the website. Our tests are not easy to achieve, for which we do not apologise with an average of 15% reaching the ultimate goal of Master Chef Status and subsequently able to put SMC “Salonculinaire Master Chef” against their title.

      Q. How will I be assessed?

      Candidates are asked multiple choice questions many with graphics

      Q. How are assessments calculated

      Tests are calculated on five factors.


      1. - Subject appropriate to the level of assessment
      2. - Number of questions in the assessment
      3. - Complexity of the question
      4. - The number of subjects
      5. - The established benchmark ( Benchmarks are recalculated every year)

      Q. How do I obtain my certificate?

      Only successful candidates will be able to download their named, dated and numbered statement of attainment / certificate.

      The certificate will automatically appear immediately following a successful assessment under the link that opened the exam.

      Q. Can I appeal an assessment?

      There are some questions that may have names or terms that may differ in other countries or cultures. E.G. Coriander v Cilantro or cuts of meat that are named in different ways, we have endeavoured to put alternative answers and the test will accept either as a correct answer.

      Any question that has an alternative documented correct answer that is not available is considered unfair and grounds for appeal.

      Q. Will I be permitted to take a Master Chef exam immediately?

      This is calculated in the initial system assesment test.

      Qualifing scores derived from the  "Application for Assessment" test calculate entry points as follows:
      Entry to Commis Chef  Analysis is allowed for scores below 69%
      Entry to Chef de Partie Evaluation requires 70% plus.
      Entry to Chef de Cuisine Appraisal requires 85% plus.
      Entry to Master Chef Examination requires 95% plus..

      Q. Who is the current World Champion

      The World Champion is awarded to the highest score attained by a Master Chef until beaten by a Master Chef . (View Master Chef examination page)

      Q.What are the assessed subjects?

      The subjects are identified on the home page and only appropriate subjects are assessed for a given level.

      There are over 2000 questions are in the database, split into three levels of difficulty.

      Q.Is this program free?

      During the introductory period, entry to this program is free; however assessment fees will apply from early to mid  2013.

      Q Is this the new age Salon Culinaire?

      Read about this:  

      Q. Are there any rules and regulations:

      Applicants must:

      -          Fully complete the "application for assessment" and be approved to enter the program.

      -           Provide accurate and truthful answers in their application for assessment.

      -          Keep all passwords confidential

      We reserve the right to suspend a certificate and account if our mechanisms identify irregularities. The account and certificate will be suspended until such time as the candidate can satisfactorily provide answers.

      The salonculinaire community forum:

      This site includes a members community forum
      Registered users may add comments, opinions, and more.

    • History:

      These challenge tests are an initiative of George Hill (E-mail Contact) Melbourne. Australia. Wikipedia Biography. Website:

      Simple quizzes were first available on in 1994.

      In 2006 complex quizzes ranging from recreational to professional chef became availableon

      In 2007 Master Chef and the World Championship titles were added.

      Modification made in 2009 to use as a Certified Chef Program. 

      Re-written May 2012 to update software and revise the program.

      Redeveloped and fully automated the process in October 2012.

      We would like to thank hundreds of chef applicants who have attempted this program. Candidates have greatly assisted us correlate and norm the tests and add suitable questions to grow the database!  (This is and always be a continuous "work in progress")

      With your help, we are confident we've created the best and fairest global online culinary knowledge assessment program.

      We use complex algorithms to determine the result, the system is constantly under review and comments are greatly appreciated.

      The intellectual property, concept, questions and images in this program are copyright to – George Hill

      While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in these databases are free from errors and omissions and is not misleading in any way.

      We make no representations or warranties and is not liable for any loss or damage or injury of any kind (however caused) under any theory of law including negligence resulting from or in any way connected with the use of these evaluations.

      The user must also consider different culinary interpretations and the opinions that exist as to the meaning and interpretations of technical terms preparations and dishes.

      We have made every effort to select the most common explanation.

      Version :

      This version 4.1 - November. 2012

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    • What participants are saying about these tests:

      Congratulations to DAVID WHITE as the 4th Salonculinaire MASTER CHEF title!  Food is something we cannot do without!  We have arrived in the century of sophisticated palates and we need to see more Master Chefs! Congratulations also to George who is at the helm of this distinquishhed Salonculinaire Professional Recognition Program! -  Neria N. Soliman JP CMC

      I had great fun taking the quizzes they were very challenging! Especially the Master Chef de Cuisine had to go back a good few years to my training in the UK to answer most of those! - David White  Culinary Group Leader & Executive Chef Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd.

      I'm nicely chuffed that my brain can still drag it up after all this time & I had a ball doing the programme. It's got the lot & I'll do better next year. Thanks. J.L.