Topic outline

  • Invest in yourself: Be innovative - Obtain creditability - Continuously improve

    This level requires the participant to demonstrate that they have developed a level of culinary knowledge equal to a standard that would be expected from a person who has successfully completed a culinary training course and normally have 12 to 15 years full time experience in a typical commercial kitchen with traditional European cuisine, and may also be alternatively described as:

    - Chef de Cuisine – Small brigade (8 -)

    - Executive Sous chef - large brigade

    - Employed in sales and marketing (previous a chef)

    - Employed as a commercial cookery teacher.

    Chefs who are leaders need to demonstrate a sound understanding of culinary knowledge as does any chef de cuisine. The higher a chef climbs the corporate ladder, the larger the brigade, the more complex the foodservice and the more demanding the role.


    The minimum score required in this test to be awarded a Salonculinaire Chef de Cuisine Certificate with the title: Chef (SCC) is 70%

    This level:

    - Estimates culinary knowledge at Chef de Cuisine level.

    - Comprises 120 basic culinary questions to be completed in 36 minutes.

    - 70% or above correct is required to advance to Master Chef de Cuisine level.

    - Candidates who achieve the benchmark are rewarded with a certificate.

    - The certificate is personalised in colour and printable.

    To enter the “Chef de Cuisine Culinary Knowledge Appraisal” a unique password is required.

    - Score is recorded on the website.

    - One attempt is permitted each year.

    - Only continue when not disturbed for the time of the appraisal.

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