Topic outline

  • Compare your culinary knowledge: It is Fun - Educational- Immediate Assessment

    This level requires the participant to prove that they have the culinary knowledge equal to a standard that would be expected from a person who is attending, or has just successfully completed a culinary training course. Have between 1 and 4 years full time experience in a typical commercial kitchen with traditional European cuisine and may also be alternatively describe as:

    - Apprentice cook/chef

    - Assistant cook/chef

    - Culinary trainee

    - Short order cook/chef

    There is no minimum work experience or tenure required to enter any level, simply because people learn at different speeds while being exposed to a variety of experiences and various opportunities.

    Many are employed with chefs who have greater levels of expertise and commitment to teach their staff and everyone has a different level of competence and motivation.

    The minimum score required in this test to be awarded a Salonculinaire Commis de Cuisine Certificate with the title: Chef (SCA) is 60%

    This level:

    -  Analyses the applicant’s fundamental culinary knowledge.
    -  Comprises 80 basic culinary questions to be completed in 25 minutes.
    -  60% correct is required to advance to Chef de Partie level.
    -  To enter the “Commis Chef Analysis” a unique password is required.
    -  Result will be recorded on the website.
    -  One attempt is permitted each year.
    -  Only continue when not disturbed for the whole time of the analysis.
    -  During the introductory period, entry to all assessments  is free.
    -  A nominal charge will be introduced in 2013 .

    AttentionEnter the commis chef analysis  below.