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  • Culinary Crackerjack - Fine Food Australia 2014

    Fine Food - All Day - Every Day – Crackerjack Challenge. ONLINE

    The crackerjack is a FUN competition where contestants are quizzed with random selected multiple-choice culinary knowledge questions on:

    Basic Food Preparations - Butchery and Meat Cookery - Culinary Terminology - Eggs - Equipment and Tools - Fish and Shellfish - Fruit, Herbs and Spices - Global Preparations - Hot and Cold Desserts and Sweets - Hygiene and HACCP - International Dishes - Larder - Menu planning - Methods of Cookery - Mise - en - place - Nutrition - Pastry - Cakes – Potato - Poultry and Game - Presentation - Product Knowledge - Salads - Dressings - Sandwiches - etc.

    This on-line competition is held in conjunction with Les Toques Blanches at Fine Food Australia Exhibition, Melbourne Exhibition Centre. September 15th - 18th 2104.

    There are three ways contestants may enter the cracker-jack challenge:

    1. Online prior to the exhibition. - (Opens August 1 - answer 50 questions in 15 Minutes)

    2. Online during the exhibition (Any time during the show visit stand V 47 and answer 50 questions in 15 Minutes- Subject to availability)

    3. At LIVE sessions scheduled on the 18th September. (By prior registration - booking required - Limited places and subject to availability)

    We expect the online competition and the LIVE sessions during the exhibition to be popular and cannot guarantee availability.

    The online challenge prior to the show, is open from 10 AM, 1st August to 4 PM, 14th September 2014.

    The online challenge during the show, is open from 10 AM to 4 PM, 15th to 17th September and only available in the Fine Food Australia Exhibition hall.

    Two LIVE sessions will be conducted on Thursday 18 September: 11:00 - 11:30 and 12:00 - 12:30.

    The top eight achievers from all online challengers and six LIVE achievers progress to the finals. (Three from each LIVE session)

    The finals will be held on Thursday 18th September between 1.00 - 2.00 PM at Fine Food Australia, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Les Toques Blanches Stand V46.

    All fourteen finalists will receive a book prize ( AM I CHEF?) and the outright winner receiving the 2014 Culinary Knowledge Champion title and the major prize (Vitamix Vitaprep 3 culinary blender) RRP $1,160

    The online challenge is only open for exhibitors, apprentices cooks, teachers, cooks, chefs, and exhibition visitors who agree to the following conditions:

    1. Must be working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry preferably associated with the commercial cookery industry as a cook, chef or directly associated with chefs.

    2. You must only use your full name as your username when registering for the online challenge. (This will be printed on the certificate).

    3. Agree to attend the Culinary Crackerjack - Finals at Fine Food Australia.

    4. The eight finalists must print and present their certificate as evidence of eligibility to be a finalist and claim their prize.

    5. Representatives are not permitted.

    6. For whatever reason, prizes not claimed in person at the finals are forfeited.

    7. For whatever reason, finalists registering after 1.00 PM will be disqualified.

    8. You may enter the crackerjack competition only once. (Online or live).

    9. The top eight results will display on-line.

    10. The top six LIVE finalists will be announced during the exhibition.

    11 The onus is on all online participants to view the top eight results online on Wednesday 17 September at 6 PM and if eligible attend the finals.

    12. Given a withdrawal from the eight finalists; We reserve the right to offer a place to succeeding entrants with very close scores to the top eight.

    Online contenders (prior to show) will need to pre-register for the Fine Food Exhibition to avoid exhibition entry fees. Otherwise, exhibition entry fees are your responsibility.

    LIVE Entry:
    To apply to enter the LIVE competition on Thursday 18th September, contact Keith Jackson 0412 790 586 or E-mail George send your contact details as below:

    Full Name - Postal Address  - Current Work title / position - Telephone number and email address.

    The 12 LIVEapplicants will be confirmed by email.

    The LIVE challenge is open for any exhibitor, apprentice cook, teacher, chef, and exhibition visitors attending the exhibition.

    The crackerjack LIVE quiz is a game where contestants are in turn required to answer a multiple-choice culinary question from the same topics as online . If answered correctly, the quiz moves to the next person in line. A contestant must answer within 10 seconds and may pass once. If the MC deems the answer wrong, the contestant drops out until three finalists are declared, who move forward to the finals to repeat the process.

    The top three in each LIVE session proceed to finals.

    The degree of difficulty and the culinary subject is selected at random and in all cases (online and LIVE) an element of luck combined with basic culinary knowledge is involved.

    Due to the total confidentiality of the questions the competition is open to every Les Toques Blanches member, including senior committee.

    For online help or questions: E-mail George or Telephone: 03 9735 0880

    How to enter online Crackerjack:

    1. Register online (You can register at anytime and only need to do so once).

    2. You must register your details accurately and only use your full name as your username.

    3. When you are completely ready and will not be disturbed for 15 minutes, logon and select the “Crackerjack Challenge Online” (below).

    4. Read the rules carefully and proceed to "Attempt quiz now".

    5. Add the password to open the quiz.

    6. We strongly advise you to first practice a sample test numerous times (HERE) to prepare for yourself for the challenge.


    - Once you have clicked the “Attempt quiz now”
    - Wait 20 seconds for the test to load.
    - The timer will appear on your screen and will immediately start to countdown.
    - The system will record your answers given in a strict time limit.
    - Even if you do not complete all questions, submit your completed answers.
    - There are probably more questions than able to be answered in the time, this does not matter.
    - Low scores do not mean you will not reach the final as generally online questions are set to be more difficult.
    - The LIVE and Finals will generally have easier culinary questions.
    - If you run out of time and your clock records zero, you must submit your answers within 30 seconds at the end of the time limit.
    - At the end of the quiz questions; to complete your quiz you must SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH BUTTON (At the bottom RIGHT of the quiz).

    - Certificates will be available to all online participants.
    - Once you have your result - Download out your personalised certificate.
    - Watch this site to see if you are a finalist.
    - All finalists will be presented a prize at the show with the opportunity to win the final major prize

    The Major final prize is a (Vitamix Vitaprep 3 culinary blender) RRP on this machine is $1,160

    You will need to register to see and enter the quiz

    Please note; There are five Bulla Dairy Foods questions in the Crackerjack online quiz below.
    (We advise you to first look at the Bulla Dairy Foods website for the correct answers).

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