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  • The best independent reference you will ever add to your CV. Do you have the self confidence to attempt these culinary knowledge tests?

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    Description and Application:

    A program that assesses the culinary knowledge of an applicant as a commis chef, chef de partie, chef de cuisine or master chef against international benchmarks and acknowledges the level of their enhanced competence with a certificate.

    Chefs learn their skills and knowledge in an apprenticeship, college training program and/or working with a qualified chef and over many years they add to their skills and knowledge through work experience.

    Nevertheless and unfortunately many have little evidence to add to their foundation qualification to demonstrates on paper, their growth and advanced knowledge gained from years of experience.

    Complete the application assessment evaluation below for approval to enter a series of assessments that compares a chefs culinary knowledge against normally expected levels of knowledge as a: Commis de Cuisine, Chef de Partie, Chef de Cuisine or Master Chef de Cuisine.

    Application Assessment Scores for approval to enter the program and be formally tested.

    - As a peer group credentialed "Commis de Cuisine" requires a score of 69% or below

    - As a peer group credentialed "Chef de Partie" requires a score between 70% - 84 %

    - As a peer group credentialed "Chef de Cuisine" requires a score between 85% - 94 %

    - As a peer group credentialed "Master Chef" requires a score of 95% or above

    Application assessment scores appear on this page identified confidentially as a “User”. Approved candidate’s completed test results will appear on each Commis, Chef de Partie, Chef de Cuisine or Master Chef Page.

    The candidate is assessed against global benchmarks and successful candidates are provided with a simple and reliable statement of achievement.

    The statement may be used as a competitive advantage when applying for advancement.

    The advantage of an independent verification of your current culinary knowledge is that the evaluation is completely unbiased; there are no hidden agendas, emotional ties or ulterior motives.

    Applicants enter the program at different levels, assessed by their industry experience in the Application for Assessment evaluation.

    Levels and Tests:

    1. Application for Assessment Questions that aims to establish the applicant is a chef and determines their entry level.
    2. Commis Chef Culinary Knowledge Assessment Assesses the culinary knowledge normally expected of a person who has nearly or just completed a traditional European cuisine training program in commercial cookery. Successful candidates will be provided with a statement of achievement.
    3. Chef de Partie Culinary Knowledge Evaluation Evaluates a chef’s culinary knowledge that would be expected from one who has successfully completed a culinary training course and 5 or more years full time experience. Successful candidates will be provided with a statement of achievement. (Conditions apply)
    4. Chef de Cuisine Culinary Knowledge Appraisal Appraises the culinary knowledge that should be expected of a sous chef in a large brigade, or a head chef with a small brigade. Successful candidates will be provided with a statement of achievement. (Conditions apply)
    5. Master Chef Culinary Knowledge Examination Tests knowledge at executive chef level or an equivalent industry role that may include multinational property chef de cuisine, teacher, corporate chef etc. This level is the ultimate goal in this hierarchal ladder of achievement and aims to identify genuine "Master Chefs” who should be acknowledged by a global network of industry chefs as a “Commercial Master Chef”. Master Chefs automatically challenge for World Champion in Culinary Knowledge. Successful candidates will be provided with a statement of achievement. (Conditions apply)
    6. World Champion

    Awarded to the highest Master Chef score at any given point.

    Applicants are advised to read the conditions that apply to each assessment, general notes, frequently asked questions and attempt the SAMPLE TEST before commencing this program.

    Apply to enter the program “Application for Assessment” after completing a system appraisal of your current experience” (Must start program at level determined by the system ).

    For online help: E-mail george or Telephone: 03 9735 0880

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    • Attention

      Apply to enter the program “Direct Application for Assessment” below (Must commence program at Commis de Cuisine level irrespective of current position and experience and work your way up the assessment ladder)

      Direct Application for Assessment

      NOTE: If you have previously completed an initial system assessment you can also apply direct , but you must identify the original assessment level correctly.